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Admiral Record Management is Always Available

Have your documents retrieved any time you need them. Just let your Admiral Records Management representative know what you need and when. Or, we can establish a systematic procedure for records management on an ongoing basis, consisting of a systematic “route” to pick up or deliver your business records each week or month. If you need one-time, special pick up or delivery, that is easily done also. Admiral Records Management’s bar code technology assures accurate tracking, monitoring and retrieval of your documents.

Admiral Records Management is Always Affordable

Free up valuable office space. As business records or other confidential records are moved to a secure records storage facility, your precious real estate is freed up. In almost all cases, our cost per cubic foot of storage area is significantly less than yours. And, you receive high quality security, fire suppression and other services that are cost prohibitive for most companies.

Controlled Access Storage perfect for companies small and large including law, accounting and architectural firms, banks, brokerage houses, non-profits, hospitals, medical firms and other organizations.

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We can help call 334-396-5430 today for a free assessment!  Or submit your request at our Contact Us page.

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If you are in the market for an exceptionally trustworthy, professional, and competent company to handle your company’s records management requirements, I strongly recommend you contact Admiral Records Management, Inc. We used Admiral Records Management to convert a large volume of our critical historical microfiche documents to compact disc. The Admiral Records Management staff completed the job to our 100 percent satisfaction in minimal time. Scott insured that his team handled our documents with care always taking into consideration the necessity to protect the information. Admiral has the know-how, professionally trained crews, and equipment that insure our records were handled with the utmost care and the process was damage-free. The Admiral Records Management staff has extensive experience in the records management business and I welcome his advice and suggestions. Admiral Records Management, Inc. has my highest recommendation.

PAUL J. REDHEAD, IOM, MEd. Vice President, Administration Montgomery (AL) Area Chamber of Commerce

MONTGOMERY AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Administration Montgomery (AL) Area Chamber of Commerce records management June 17, 2017