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Scott McNelley, President and CEO

Scott McNelley CEO Admiral Records ManagementAdmiral is proud of what we call the Admiral Team. Scott McNelley is President and CEO of Admiral Records Management, or the Admiral Team. McNelley pragmatic solution provider and problem solver well-known in Alabama for implementing the processes which allow offices to move in a fraction of the normal time. He takes great pride in delivering more than is promised by using a blend of imagination and creativity. Scott believes, “In every problem there is an opportunity,” and liabilities can be transformed into assets by ingenuity and effort. He guides his life efforts, his business interests and his client services by following the law of parsimony, or economy of effort. He doesn’t just settle for “an” answer, but looks for the very best answer. Helping a client fix a problem today is valuable; when it stays fixed and actually generates a positive effect – that is a game changer.

Scott started his first business (a small local moving company) while still in college. After selling that company (which is still operating) he began a larger office moving company, Admiral Movers. Admiral is known as “Montgomery’s Only True Office Mover.” Scott has service-marked several revolutionary techniques that have changed the way offices are relocated. Being a tinkerer has inspired him to create and build several pieces of moving equipment that save time, money, headaches and backaches. A few of the tools he has “imagineered,” AirGlide® Computer Moving and the Office Gondola System, work in concert to transform office relocations with a box-less moving solution. Moving hospitals easily and painlessly with this method is one of the many accomplishments that have won Admiral Movers its outstanding reputation.

Along the way, Admiral Movers has spawned other companies. Two such enterprises are Redwood Properties, a real estate holding company, and Admiral Records Management (ARM), a document management company that offers records storage, as well as document shredding, data destruction, e-cycling and decommissioning of hardware. Within ARM, Scott introduced an unconventional approach to scan-on-demand, Intelligent Archiving, which saves his clients effort and money when making the transition to a paperless office. In the medical realm, Intelligent Archiving is helping solve the Electronic Medical Record and Electronic Health Record conundrum. Privacy and compliance issues that surround transferring and storing sensitive records, charts, files and documents are abundant, but Scott’s solution has saved his clients liability, frustration, and money – all inspirational to his customers.

Admiral Records Management a Proven, Trusted Partner

Today, Admiral Records Management is a proven leader in secure information transition, relocation, conversion and storage with its confidential chain of custody. Banks, hospitals, government agencies, the military, corporations, and medical practices rely on McNelley’s services to maintain privacy, coordinate logistics, and provide the ultimate in protection of their client data. During relocation security gaps can occur. Scott offers pragmatic solutions to secure weaknesses, thereby helping a client organization maintain its core purpose.

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Information Services Consultant

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Vice President | Controller

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Record Storage Manager

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