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ARMA International was established in 1955. It’s approximately 11,000 members include records managers, archivists, corporate librarians, imaging specialists, legal professionals, IT managers, consultants, and educators, all of whom work in a wide variety of industries, including government, legal, healthcare, financial services, and petroleum in the United States, Canada, and 30-plus other countries.

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Partners ARM

PRISM is an international organization representing companies that engage in Commercial Information Management Services. Members are involved in learning and applying best practices and working together to improve the information management industry.

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Partners ARM

ASI’s records center software support our Record Center business requirements. Intuitive and easy-to-use, our records center software is compatible with 99% of today’s operating systems. Performance-driven, it includes a suite of robust features including e-billing, adaptable invoicing, 200+ standard reports, integrated bar-code software, web access and more. Automated procedures, lowered costs, increase in revenue and productivity — these are some of the benefits of ASI’s records center software employed here at Admiral.

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