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Controlled Access Records Management

Our goal at Admiral Records Management is to provide safety and peace of mind to our customers. We want you to know that we’re doing everything we can to protect the future of your organization’s records and data assets. Our facility offers extreme measures to ensure security. Our clients enjoy proven solutions to protect information assets.

We don’t just want to tell you this . . . we want you to actually see it for yourself! We invite you to schedule a tour of our facility and see what we believe to be the safest storage facility of its type in this part of the country.

Controlled Access

Due to our rigid security and privacy policy, we do not encourage drop-in visits.

Come get to know us! To do so, call us at 334-396-5430 or use the form on the right hand side of the page and let us know you would like to do that, and we’ll arrange a time to meet.

Visit us to see why we are the best choice for records and information

We look forward to getting to know you and helping you to get to know us!

Call 334-396-5430 today for a free assessment!  Or submit your request at our Contact Us page.