Paperless Solutions

Paperless Solutions

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Paperless Solutions

Want to go paperless? Paperless solutions are provided by Admiral Records Management and Intelligent Archiving. Solving the costly & overwhelming process of gaining control of your information assets. See video about the ultimate in scan on demand technology Intelligent Archiving.

Go paperless without going broke


Admiral Movers 25 Year Anniversary

Admiral Records Management Celebrates Admiral Movers 25 Years

25th year anniversary Admiral Movers
25th year anniversary

25th year anniversary

ARM is proud to congratulate our sister company’s 25th year anniversary. With so many businesses not surviving more than a couple of years, this is truly a great feat. Staying true to core values that focus on the customer experience is the recipe for success. Securely relocating and storing homes, businesses, hospitals and data centers is what Admiral does. Peace of mind is what Admiral provide customers. Moves can be extremely stressful whether across town or across the country. A track record of helping families and business reduce stress and make a relocation manageable is why Admiral Movers celebrates 25 years in business.

25th year anniversary announcements

See the announcement for this milestone here.

Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce helps Admiral Movers celebrate 25 years in business. See here.

How To Go Paperless Without Going Broke

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Go Paperless Without Going Broke

Go Paperless Document Scanning
Go Paperless

There is no doubt that the world is progressing more and more technologically every day. We are in a time period where if you do not move forward, you are moving backward. Everything is becoming smaller and faster whether we like it or not. However, what is the correct technology to embrace?

Compliance & procedures to protect the explosion of information are also growing daily. It is difficult for businesses to stay lean and profitable while keeping up with all the new laws. A solid Records Management vendor can reduce the headache, hassle, stress, & liability. Best of all they will save you money.

Go Paperless Without the Hassle and Expense

Limiting hassle and wiping away the overpriced and unnecessary expense of “going paperless” by back file scanning is what Records Management companies do. A strong Records Management company can easily organize your files and make your office run smoother while making your workload both smaller and faster to enhance the economy of effort. The undeniable truth is that the time you spend searching for old and unorganized files, you could spend doing something much more productive. A scan on demand solution such as Intelligent Archiving offers all the benefits of going paperless minus the hassle, and tremendous expense.

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At Admiral Records Management, we work to ensure that your stress level is smaller, while your work is faster and more efficient. In the end, our goal is to help you and your company work smoothly and more efficiently in all aspects of the work place. This is an easy and cost-efficient way to stay on top of our ever-changing times!

Go Paperless Easy Simple Secure

It becomes quite a hassle to deal with old papers and files – not to mention a place to put them. A secure off-site records center will ensure business continuity in case the unthinkable disaster does strike. Your risk manager, insurance company, clients & stakeholders will have the peace of mind knowing you are not housing your company’s valuable asset of historic information in the same place your operate your business.

Automating retention and destruction schedules with sophisticated yet easy to use web-based software is also something Records & Information Managers (RIM) can offer.
Intelligent Archiving

Go Paperless Call Today

If you would like more information on how to go paperless without going broke. Call today toll-free 334-396-5430 or email Fill out the form to the right.

Founder & CEO Scott McNelley Interviewed

Best Records Management FirmScott McNelley, CEO of Admiral was a recent guest on the RIMproReport, a Records and Information Management industry internet radio show. Scott discussed the origins of the Admiral Records Management business and the growth of it. McNelley’s unique approach aims to simplify all processes to avoid errors, increase results all while minimizing effort and liability. The risk avoidance approach is part his science background shaped by being in business 12 years with a very successful plaintiffs attorney and businessman. Scott provides exceptional service but, also a unique ability to view potential weaknesses eliminate even the appearance of risk and or liability. Scott McNelley offers pragmatic solutions with minimal effort, the economy of effort or “the law of parsimony” is his guiding torch. Listen to the interview and hopefully it will help you with your businesses.

Use the player below to listen to the interview. We hope this helps you.

RIMpro Scott McNelley shares his thoughts, his journey, mistakes and the keys to growing Admiral Records Management.

Scott McNelley RIMproReport Montgomery AL
Scott McNelley RIMproReport

RIMproReport Replay with Scott McNelley of Admiral Records by Rimproreport With Tom Adams on Mixcloud

If you have further questions, want to chat or inquire about services offered call 334-262-6666 or fill out the form to the right. At Admiral we are here to help.

Admiral Records Management Voted Best Records Firm

Best Records Management Firm
Best Records Firm Admiral Records Management Named Best Records Company
Best Records Firm


Best Records Firm Management Company in Central Alabama ARM
Best Records Firm

Best Records Firm, Admiral Records

Management is # 1 according to the readers of the Montgomery Advertiser. Admiral Records Management naming as the best Records Management firm in Central Alabama is quite an honor. Admiral voted # 1 Records Management firm in Montgomery, Millbrook, Prattville, Autauga, and Elmore Counties by The Montgomery Advertiser’s Readers’ Choice.

The award both humbles & honors BEST provider of shredding, document storage, archive services, and secure transfer. Our employees are passionate about customer service and taking care of our client/partners. We have worked hard to be the leader in our industry, in our market area. Admiral Records Management is very thankful to for its customers, employees for earning best “Records Management Company in the River Region.”

We are not resting on our laurels; we are busing upgrading technology, security, & customer service. We are working hard continually educating ourselves of the Best Practices to offer our customers. We want to continue to be the best Records Management provider in central Alabama.

If we can help you or just answer, some questions call us at 334-396-5430 or fill out the form to the right. Our award-winning records firm would love to help you, let us know what we can do to help.

Admiral Records Management Voted #1 In Central Alabama

admiral records management voted #1 Admiral Records Management Named Best Records Company In Central Alabama
Admiral Records Management voted # 1

Admiral Records Management Voted # 1 In Central Alabama

ARM, Admiral Records Management voted # 1 Records Management firm. Not only in Montgomery, but Millbrook, Prattville, Autauga and Elmore County. The award presented by the Montgomery Advertiser’s Readers’ Choice Contest. We are honored to be voted BEST provider of shredding, document storage, archive services, and secure transfer. Our employees are passionate about customer service and taking care of our client/partners.

CEO Scott McNelley said “we are honored to have received this award, especially in this age of consolidation and with so many competitors having been in the market for so long. It is a true testament to the team at ARM, and their pride in taking care of the customer.”

ARM was started because so many of our commercial clients needed shredding & records along with their move. In our 24 years we have always relocated records centers, data centers, hospitals, medical facilities, law firms banks and their records. We really already had the expertise and track record. We took our box-less moving system, developed our Secure Chain Of Custody Relocation and have come up with a hybrid Commercial Moving Company with all the skills & knowledge of a full service records management company. Our clients just love having one point of contact, and the synergies that are found. And because we are not just on site for one service but three our clients enjoy big savings on all moving, off-site records storage & shredding.

admiral records management voted # 1
Admiral Records Management voted # 1


  • Records Storage
  • Shredding
  • Secure Shred Consoles
  • Intelligent Archiving
  • Secure Relocation
  • Compliance
  • Archive
  • Vital Records
  • Medical records storage & retrieval


We are always 40-60% less expensive than a mini-storage, plus you will be in full compliance!

To learn more about why Admiral Records Management Voted # 1 In Central Alabama, or any of our services fill out the form to the right or feel free to call 334-396-5430

Admiral Records Management Adds Latest Technology Software

Intelligent Archiving Digital Files

Latest Technology Software

Go Paperless document hosting Document ScanningCustomers of Admiral Records Management now have access to the latest advances in records and information storage technology and software InfoKeeper. InfoKeeper is the latest technology to secure your information assets simply.

Admiral is the only company in the River Region offering InfoKeeper Records Management Software for secure online indexing, retention scheduling and other data management needs. The system provides secure online retrieval whenever boxes or files need to be accessed by customers, be they paper documents, medical records, blueprints, legal exhibits or other material stored with Admiral. While hospital networks, law firms and major corporations use the same solution in other markets around the country, Admiral is excited to be the exclusive provider rolling the software out to customers in Central Alabama.

Simplicity & Security Infokeeper

The system can be personalized to make customer indexing fast and easy. “Added to all the custom features and easy-to-use interface are powerful security tools that should give customers incredible peace of mind,” said Admiral Records’ owner Scott McNelley. “The low cost (including zero ‘per user’ fees) makes the software an attractive solution for any business or organization managing less active information assets.”

Infokeeper, Software, technology, Admiral Records, scan on demand latest technology software
Latest Technology Software

Route Management Tracking

Also introduced is a new route management and mapping tool as part of a major upgrade by Admiral’s Cleveland, Ohio-based systems developer; Andrews Software, Inc. The new software release includes enhanced functionality for managing environmentally sensitive media; specifically related to setting up rotation schedules for back-up computer tapes. The new mapping utility can also be linked directly to Microsoft MapPoint and other logistics systems for handling deliveries and pick-ups of storage boxes, media cases, security consoles and destruction containers.

Digital Archiving Image Fortress

The third innovation represents a powerful option for digital archiving; including both a flexible software interface in conjunction with fully integrated electronic storage facilities. Admiral Records Management partner Image Fortress, of Westford, Mass., developed the digital archive solution. Image Fortress was recently awarded a contract by the General Services Administration (GSA), the federal agency responsible for employing over a million people, for digital archive services; a testimonial to the level of technology now available to Admiral’s customers.

Businesses and organizations that store and protect records and archival data can use InfoKeeper’s secure online interface to handle either physical or electronic information. After input, Admiral Records Management customers can then access any information assets and enjoy retrieval and/or delivery 24 hours a day; 365 days a year. McNelley confirmed that several customers have already placed requests for the new management systems and are excited about the inefficiencies, improved workflow, enhanced control and reduced business risks associated with use of these new tools.

With the latest technology software a retention schedule, and destruction can be totally automated. One more thing off your tasks to manage.

If you would like to find out more about the latest technology software and procedures employed by ARM, please fill out the form to the right or call 334-396-5430.

Information Solutions

Leading Business Mover Now Leading In Records Management

Records Management Go Paperless

For business, industry and government, keeping past records is a necessity, often a legal protection, medical & professional organizations must keep. Often, inactive local government records must be maintained for life. The hazard for all, however, might be a natural disaster, fire, flood, faulty filing systems, or security breach in a less-than-secure facility.

In some cases, building contractors, architects, lawyers, realtors and other professionals have so much “stuff” they store the document & data records off-premise, in lesser expensive space, & request they be brought to their offices when needed. Keeping such records organized, safe and accessible is essential.

Enter Admiral Records Management, a sister company to Admiral Movers, which for nearly 24 years has become the dominant mover of offices in central Alabama. Now through Admiral Records Management is now leading in records management.

Recognizing the needs of his clients for adequate long-term records storage & management, founder Scott McNelley started the new company, which provides solutions for secure storage of large quantities of data, after he purchased a new building in Montgomery Industrial Park.

The full-service records management & off-site document storage company offers the latest bar code technology for record storage, retrieval & document tracking. The state-of-the-art facilities are monitored 24 hours a day, have secured keypad entry and are protected by video surveillance. The new Admiral Records Management storage firm allows business records to be customized by industry, whether medical, legal, industrial, business or government.

Records can be gathered, faxed or delivered on request. Online direct storage data is available from the customer who can search, post, perform data entry, track files and handle other business records management tasks from their own offices.

Admiral Records Management uses the latest technology for high-density storage solutions to offices, hospitals, banks, libraries, schools, museums, archives, factories.

If you would like the convenience of having the leading office mover in Alabama also handle your records storage, shredding, scanning call Admiral Records Management or fill the form to the right out. We have been handling the most sensitive documents, charts, records legal files for a quarter of a century and we are proud to be leading in records management.