Closing a Medical Practice


Admiral Records Management is your total solutions provider when it comes to closing your medical practice. 

Our employees are not only insured and pass a rigorous background check, but are also trained to handle your sensitive, protected health information.

Our records center is alarm-protected, and we digitally record activity both inside and outside our controlled-access facility.  Monthly monitoring is provided by a local security company that includes a monthly fire inspection schedule.

We will take custody of your records upon request and will keep them for as long as needed in accordance with applicable state and federal laws.  This includes transportation services as well as indexing if you do not have a system in place.  We are happy to destroy any documents at the time of pickup or on a destruction schedule provided by you to protect patient information.

We recognize the fact that no two practices are alike, and pride ourselves on creating a customizable total solution for you.  You can breathe easy knowing that you are meeting HIPAA regulations with Admiral Records Management as your partner.  With years of experience as a medical records custodian, we want you and your patients to be prepared and we want to help you with this exciting new transition!


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