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Document hosting by ADMIRAL RECORDS MANAGEMENT offers an offsite, secure and reliable document and content management service that gives you the ability to access your documents utilizing a browser-based interface.

Our Document Hosting enables organizations of all sizes to cost-efficiently work with us in the deployment of your electronic documents.

Working with Admiral on your document hosting brings competitive advantages to your business as a simplified monthly operating expense rather than a complex capital expenditure.

Outsourced document management simplicity allows valuable internal support resources the freedom to remain focused on your critical business operations.

The benefits of working with an online repository it that secure access is provided to your corporate documents and an unlimited number of users within your organization can have access as well.

Our hosting infrastructure is ultra-secure with multiple backups and redundancy built-in eliminating the potential for hardware failures and the loss of documents. Document hosting can greatly help and organization with document on demand, disaster recovery and a backup plan.

To learn more about our Document Hosting services give Admiral a call.

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