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Are you curious about document scanning or imaging but not sure where to start? Are you wondering if a Paperless Office is really possible? Or worthwhile?

The Admiral Records Management document scanning department prides itself on giving you the best personal service in hard copy to digital document conversion service; transforming your paper documents to a digital format that you can readily access online.

Wondering How to Get Started with Document Scanning?

Depending on your particular situation, which we will help you assess at no charge, there are three fundamental approaches to implementing a document imaging program.

These are:

Day Forward Imaging. This method means you leave legacy documents as paper and only begin scanning new documents from the implementation date forward. Admiral Records Management can help you with a completely outsource solution where we do the work for you! As you need a document we can us Intelligent Archiving to get you document to you in a cost effective manor.

Backfile Conversion. This method converts a large volume of historical documents to digital. We use our high speed scanners in combination with our document preparation and indexing expertise to digitize your paper files. Once completed, you can then move to the above “Day Forward” approach for all new documents.

Scan-on-Demand. Scan-on-Demand is often combined with Day Forward. For most situations, this combination may be the most cost effective approach. In this approach, we do not scan your file until you need it. When you request that we pull a hardcopy paper file from document storage, we then pull the file, scan it, and make the digital copy available to you remotely so you can view it from your location. From that “day forward,” you will always have digital access to that file.The idea behind this approach is that, for many industries, most documents placed in hardcopy storage are never accessed again before their purge date. So why spend money to have those documents imaged?

To request a free quote on document scanning, please call 334-396-5430 today for a free assessment!  Or submit your request at our Contact Us page.A representative will contact you with document scanning solutions within one business day.

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