Electronic Backup

Electronic Backup by AdmiralAdmiral Electronic Backup Service (or eBackup)  is designed for organizations that need more than just backup and recovery features in their data protection programs. As data protection needs increase in complexity, the benefits of a flexible and scalable architecture become more apparent.

Advantages of Admiral’s eBackup intelligent data protection service include savings in administrator time, speed of data recovery, and reliability and integrity of backups. We love the  Datachamber’s solutions so much we use them for our websites, applications & backup functions.

Admiral’s eBackup service which is based on IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) offers a full backup & restore solution. Admiral’s eBackup Service can be combined with other DataChambers services to provide a complete business continuity solution. Security, reliability and simplicity are the hallmarks of good solutions. As Scott McNelley says “I like things that just work” DataChambers is the perfect partner for disaster recovery, and ebackup. Their super secure underground facility has all the redundancy and protection of a military installation.

Electronic Backup Features Include:


  • Automated scheduling of Changed Data Backup
  • Guaranteed Daily Backup
  • No expensive hardware or software to purchase
  • Service is economical and easy to use
  • Intelligent Data Protection using enterprise class infrastructure that is redundant and fault tolerant
  • Highly secure encryption technology
  • Restore and backup from a Web-based GUI
  • Data Storage offsite in a secure environment
  • 24 x 7 support and monitoring to ensure success
  • Multiple Agents and Wide range of Client support
  • Quick installation and implementation
  • Pay only for what you backup
  • Cost effective, simple, effective


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