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Scan on Demand Intelligent Archiving

Many clients considering scanning options don’t have the necessary situation to warrant the expense of imaging their documents. Document scanning is more expensive than document storage. So it doesn’t make prudent fiscal sense to scan documents that you don’t access often. Or that you may, in fact, never access before they are purged. Scan on demand technology offers all of the benefit of digitization without the hassle and enormous expense.

In other cases, it makes perfect sense to image certain documents, such as when you pull a file that will need to be re-accessed many times by different employees at different locations. In this case you’d want the file pulled, scanned, and then hosted electronically where it can be accessed from any of your office locations across the country or, for that matter, anywhere in the world.

Then there are a whole bunch of “gray areas” where the “to scan or to store” question is not so obviously answered. Admiral will help you work up a cost benefit analysis so you can make an intelligent and informed decision between document scanning and storage.

Scan As Required Option

For customers who have their files in our records center and need a document right away, an economical solution to physical file delivery is scan on demand file delivery. Intelligent Archiving is our service for you so you can enjoy all the benefits of going paperless, with reduced cost in a faster manner.

A digital image is uploaded to a secure server and the customer has full access to move that image to whichever destination is most suitable. Controls can be set on the front end to limit who has access to the information, keeping it secure and protected from breach.

Scan on Demand is Simple and Easy

Scan on Demand is a pragmatic proven solution allowing you to receive all the benefits of going digital, but without the hassle & expense. Intelligent Archiving is cost-effective, simple and a way to archive your information intelligently.

If you want to know more about scan on demand, Intelligent Archiving, and other practical solutions, we can help call 334-396-5430 today for a free assessment!  Or submit your request at our Contact Us page.