Active File Management

Active File Management projects, fileroom relocation
Active File Management projects

Offsite Active File Management and Storage doesn’t mean your records are inaccessible. With our efficient and streamlined file management system, a greater number of your active files are actually more accessible than if you were attempting to manage them in-house.



With Admiral Records active file management you can:

  • Enjoy convenient, reliable access to your active files, 24 hours a day; 7 days a week
  • Experience more efficient and faster access to your active files
  • Gain consistency and compliance in your records management program
  • Reclaim valuable office space and other real estate
  • Lower your records management expense (yes, offsite is more cost-effective!)
  • Give your clients due diligence with our guaranteed unbroken chain of custody

Admiral Records Management provides offsite management for all your active files and paper documents. We can also offer you our scan-on-demand option to digitally deliver your file, saving time while simultaneously beginning the digitization process of your records inventory.

We will let you test our services out for three months. We’re so confident in our services that if you are unhappy at anytime during those first three months, we will refund your money and deliver your files back to you at no charge.

Our open shelf active file management affords us the ability to provide this amazing opportunity to you.

We can help call 334-396-5430 today for a free assessment!  Or submit your request at our Contact Us page.

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