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Technology is very important to all businesses today. Perhaps our most powerful and unique product, InfoKeeper™ is an Internet solution giving your clients total control and access to their database through a web server from anywhere in the world. Introduced in 1997, InfoKeeper™ was the first Internet-based software of its kind for the industry and continues to offer the most feature-rich product on the market. Currently supporting over 800 customers globally, lnfoKeeper™ allows you to grow your business without adding administrative personnel and provides your customers with superior worldwide information management tools.

Indexing, searching and locating your boxes or files at Admiral for retrieval is as simple as using Google!

Indexing (or cataloging) your boxes, files or documents can be customized to match any system you currently employ, we just take your information and identify it by bar-code. The Andrews InfoKeeper software is web-based and backed up to secure data servers. We can customize the identifying fields to any template you wish. Locating your data through our web-based software “Andrews InfoKeeper” allows you to search and order delivery or pick up quickly, easily and efficiently. You will love the level of organization our solution provides. Your

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organization can limit access and control of your information so you can ensure that only the appropriate parties see your files. You can allow several people in your organization to search and order files, and/or you can also have one person sign off on consolidating your services if needed. With our tracking system you will know where your files are at all times, whether at our records center, in transit, or at your office.

You expect Admiral Records Management to fully understand legal records; patient confidentiality; records retention and categorization; indexing and descriptive information capture; boxed records and open shelf file folder management; media storage requirements and tape rotation; proper care for drawings and blueprints; and how to handle all this information in a sanitized and secure environment. That’s why we’re in business and that’s why we are your total solution provider. Call 334-396-5430 to set up a FREE, no obligation survey of your needs.

Electronic Portable Receipt Printing

Put your records into our hands and we’ll hand you an itemized, time stamped receipt every time we deliver or pick-up anything. The people and products from Zebra, recognized leaders in printing and portable printing solutions, ensure that our logistics solutions do not include “he said, she said.” Just proof of what we’ve exchanged and a little more peace of mind. Ordering retrieval, delivery or any service needs is as easy as using FedEx or UPS. We can normally have your file or box at the counter within minutes of your request. We can deliver, fax or scan and send to you in a password protected format.

Technology Benefits

Performance Features
Here are a few of the performance features that continue to designate InfoKeeper™ as leading technology in the records management industry.

Application/System Security
lnfoKeeper™ utilizes a variety of tools to provide maximum security, such as 128-bit encryption, ensuring secure communication from the web site to the user’s browser. Users are also required to pass through two log in screens to gain access to data. Domain blocking and/or IP blocking is also in place, assuring lnfoKeeper™ is only being accessed from within the organization, rather than an outside workstation. Users can also be limited to certain days of the week, and/or certain times of day, providing an added measure of security.

Automated processes
Client requests are generated via the web. Work and service orders are then created automatically at the records center, reducing chances for error and streamlining processes.

Centralized Database
Account information can be accessed and maintained from multiple sites around the globe via lnfoKeeper’s™ centralized database that interfaces with Visual Corporate Keeper, Admiral Records Management’s state-of-the-art records center software.

Client Driven
Clients are able to accomplish account management tasks such as data entry, as well as initiate requests for service. The result is fewer errors and faster service.

Cross-platform Capabilities
Because lnfoKeeper™ is accessed via the web; it is easily reached from a Macintosh, PC or any other computer platform equipped with a web browser.

Database structures and indexing attributes are designed specifically for your customers needs.

From data entry to custom searches and queries to service requests, lnfoKeeper™ offers users functionality and flexibility unmatched by similar software packages on the market.

Function Security
Users can only perform tasks assigned by the client administrator, assisting in the integrity of the database and account information.

Group Security
Groups, created and controlled by the client administrator, only have access to departmental information specific to that group, ensuring confidentiality.

Immediate Access
lnfoKeeper™ offers your customers immediate access to and control of their vital account information.

Integrated Report Writer
With DataBank (our integrated report writer) users can create reports online for immediate viewing and printing from their workstations. No waiting for reports to be delivered from the records center.

Online & On-demand
With its easy-to-use browser interface, users can:

  • Perform their own data entry, both at the box and file level.
  • Request/retrieve boxes and files.
  • Request pickups and returns.
  • Create custom searches and queries using the integrated query builder (Boolean logic) and export results in seven different file formats for use on their PC.
  • Process items for destruction.
  • Process items for permanent withdrawal.
  • Even order empty cartons!

If you want to learn more about or technology, w can help call 334-396-5430 today for a free assessment!  Or submit your request at our Contact Us page.