Secure Information Moving

Secure Information MovingSecure Information Moving

ARM is a full service document management company specializing in secure “chain of custody” transfer of protected information. Shielding privacy during relocation, construction, or disaster instances is our mission.

Our services include shredding, scanning, Intelligent Archiving, and file and data storage. File room conversions, storage and transfer are our specialty. We move data centers, hospitals, medical records centers, file rooms, server farms, labs, military installations, and corporate headquarters.

Choosing a file relocation partner

Finding a company that has experience can be tough. You are looking for a specialist, a best in class office mover with carefully designed chain of custody procedures. Moreover, you are looking for a hybrid office mover and Records and Information Management (RIM) professional. A records manager understands the various privacy laws, HIPPA, FACTA, etc., and how to prevent a violation, while an experienced mover has the relocation experience to handle an office relocation.

Next, your risk manager or chief privacy officer (if you have one) should interview the prospective firm and judge the level of expertise. A good candidate will offer many practical procedures that prevent exposure and give you a clear defense against any agency or court.

You must take great measures to protect your information assets and the protected data of your clients. Selecting a logistics professional that is also a RIM partner ensures you will. What you don’t want is either a mover or a records manager whom has lax hiring and employment practices, is inexperienced, or uses temp help. Admiral performs an aggressive background investigation on every employee before they are hired. Every employee signs a confidentiality agreement and is thoroughly train in secure information moving and protecting confidentiality.

Secure Relocation Services
Secure Relocation Services

Protection against Breach

In the ever-growing world of protected information, there is no greater “opportunity” for a breach than during the relocation or transfer of data. During a normal relocation, protected information is vulnerable and controls are at their weakest. Entities must have a plan with safeguards and should partner with a vendor that understands privacy matters and laws – one who employs procedures to protect their clients’ data. It is also important that the procedures be easily defended and explained to other interested parties, government agencies, lawyers, risk managers, and yes, possibly in a court of law.

Secure Chain of Custody Relocation

ARM is considered the guru of secure chain of custody relocation. Through the use of secure systems innovations, such as our Gondolas and AirGlide computer carts, we ensure you and your company remain compliant throughout the move. The boxless gondolas allow files, manuals, binders, charts, desk contents and records to be moved in order and to be accessible throughout the entire process. Most importantly, by employing an expert in secure chain of custody relocation, your risk management folks, your board, stockholders and managers can rest easy knowing you are protected. The boss will thank you, and because of the reduced stress and reduced hassle, you will thank yourself.

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