Scheduled Shred Service

Do You Need a Scheduled Shred Service?

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In-office paper shredding causes noise, distractions, and unnecessary work that keep your employees from their primary functions. This reduces office productivity and often significant wasted time. In short, it effects your business. Not to mention privacy compliance and the threat of identity theft
For certain industries especially those that require regular document shredding such as the healthcare industry, medical records, legal, financial, banking and accounting– Admiral provides a cost-effective and convenient option to in-house office paper shredding. For no extra charge, we distribute unobtrusive, secure collection bins, consoles, and carts throughout your location to collect records & files for later shredding.

Scheduling Shred Service is Easy

File collection is easy and effective. You don’t have to worry about paper clips, bindings, or staple removal. Benson’s shred pickup service if often less expensive than paying your employees to conduct in-house shredding with an often inadequate office paper shredder.
We Can Pickup:

How Scheduled Shred Service works

Leaves consoles, carts, and bins at appropriate and convenient spots throughout your facility.

Our uniformed couriers arrive on the designated day to remove the shredding from the locked security bins and consoles.

We then either provide our mobile shredding service or our offsite shredding service, depending on our agreement.

If you opt for mobile (on-site) shred services, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction when shredding is complete.

For plant-based (offsite) shredding we’ll leave you with a document pickup receipt and mail you a Certificate of Destruction within two to seven business days.
We recycle all shredded paper!

Need scheduled shred services?

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