Admiral Movers 25 Year Anniversary

Admiral Records Management Celebrates Admiral Movers 25 Years

25th year anniversary Admiral Movers
25th year anniversary

25th year anniversary

ARM is proud to congratulate our sister company’s 25th year anniversary. With so many businesses not surviving more than a couple of years, this is truly a great feat. Staying true to core values that focus on the customer experience is the recipe for success. Securely relocating and storing homes, businesses, hospitals and data centers is what Admiral does. Peace of mind is what Admiral provide customers. Moves can be extremely stressful whether across town or across the country. A track record of helping families and business reduce stress and make a relocation manageable is why Admiral Movers celebrates 25 years in business.

25th year anniversary announcements

See the announcement for this milestone here.

Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce helps Admiral Movers celebrate 25 years in business. See here.

Founder & CEO Scott McNelley Interviewed

Best Records Management FirmScott McNelley, CEO of Admiral was a recent guest on the RIMproReport, a Records and Information Management industry internet radio show. Scott discussed the origins of the Admiral Records Management business and the growth of it. McNelley’s unique approach aims to simplify all processes to avoid errors, increase results all while minimizing effort and liability. The risk avoidance approach is part his science background shaped by being in business 12 years with a very successful plaintiffs attorney and businessman. Scott provides exceptional service but, also a unique ability to view potential weaknesses eliminate even the appearance of risk and or liability. Scott McNelley offers pragmatic solutions with minimal effort, the economy of effort or “the law of parsimony” is his guiding torch. Listen to the interview and hopefully it will help you with your businesses.

Use the player below to listen to the interview. We hope this helps you.

RIMpro Scott McNelley shares his thoughts, his journey, mistakes and the keys to growing Admiral Records Management.

Scott McNelley RIMproReport Montgomery AL
Scott McNelley RIMproReport

RIMproReport Replay with Scott McNelley of Admiral Records by Rimproreport With Tom Adams on Mixcloud

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