X-Ray Destruction

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X-Ray Destruction & Recycling

 X-Ray Destruction

Montgomery’s leader in document management announces a new service, X-Ray Shredding.

Admiral Records Management offers easy shredding options for X-ray, paper, and films. Our record destruction system also handles hard drives and other forms of media including X-ray shredding film disposal and silver reclamation.

X-ray Film Destruction and X-Ray Film Recycling: Thanks to data security rules and environmental protection regulations, X-ray destruction demands X-ray recycling that enables silver reclamation, no matter what quantity of records is in question.

Silver Recovery and Silver Reclamation Services: Silver is a hazardous waste by EPA standards. Rely on our cutting-edge silver recovery and silver reclamation services, and do right by the environment while maintaining federal compliance.

Photographic Film Shredding and Film Recycling: Film shredding goes beyond X-ray destruction. Photographic film of all kinds demands film shredding and film recycling, not only for the sake of privacy, but also for environmental compliance.

If your needs involve relocation, expansion or space management parent company Admiral Movers offers a boxless solution for hassle free, cost-effective, and organized method for your entity.

If you need more information on environmentally friendly X-Ray Destruction, relocation or conversion we can help call 334-396-5430 today for a free assessment!  Or submit your request at our Contact Us page.